A history of Pagan Europe - Prudence Jones
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Forfatter: Prudence Jones & Nigel Pennick
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A history of Pagan Europe


The first comprehensive study of its kind, this fully illustrated book establishes Paganism as a persistent force in European history with a profound influence on modern thinking. From the serpent goddesses of ancient Crete to modern nature-worship and the restoration of the indigenous religions of eastern Europe, this wide-ranging book offers a rewarding new perspective of European history. In this definitive study, Prudence Jones and Nigel Pennick draw together the fragmented sources of Europes native religions and establish the coherence and continuity of the Pagan world vision. Exploring Paganism as it developed from the ancient world through the Celtic and Germanic periods, the authors finally appraise modern Paganism and its apparent causes as well as addressing feminist spirituality, the heritage movement, nature-worship and deep ecology This innovative and comprehensive history of European Paganism will provide a stimulating, reliable guide to this popular dimension of religious culture for the academic and the general reader alike.

Constantine was baptised into Christianity by  an Arian bishop on his deathbed on Whitesunday 337.  Constantine never followed the Chritian sectarians in persecuting non-Christians. but his three sons did.  In 340 a ban was put on pagan sacrifies, supersttion and unsoundness of thinking in the east. and in 342 this edict was extended to the whole Emoire. In 346 public sacrifices were banned and Pagan observance was made a capital offence.  The Pagans kept their heads down and waited for the tide of history to sweep the new sect away.