Entity posession -freeing the energy body of negat
ISBN-13: 978-0-89281-612-5
Author: Samuel Sagan, M.D.
ISBN-13: 978-0-89281-612-5
Published:  01.08.97
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Entity Posession

Freeing the Energy Body of Negative Influences

About Entity Possession

For centuries Eastern traditions have taken the subject of entity possession quite seriously. Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, recognizes bhutas or entities and their influence on mental and physical well-being, as well as the ways they can be evicted from the individual. Now, in a work that is unique in Western literature, Dr. Samuel Sagan examines the problem of these incorporeal beings that attach themselves to human beings as parasites, causing various emotional, mental and physical problems. A landmark study that presents sound analysis and treatment of this phenomenon, Entity Possession demystifies a topic that has long been overdramatized by the folklore surrounding possession and exorcism.

Using actual case studies of the "hungry ghost" phenomenon, Dr. Sagan analyzes their mechanisms and motivations, presenting the facts of entity possession, and including many tips on how to dislodge these parasites from the individuals whose lives are thrown out of balance by their presence. 

About the Author(s) of Entity Possession

Dr. Samuel Sagan studied medicine at Paris 5 Faculty of Medicine and Sanskrit at Censier Sorbonne Nouvelle University. He was awarded a silver medal for his medical thesis and was elected a member of the French Society of the History of Medicine. Dr. Sagan currently lives in Australia where he directs the Clairvision School.

Praise for Entity Possession

“This is a fascinating exploration of a little known but important aspect of the afterlife and our relationship to it. Far from being spooky or supernatural, Entity Possession examines the natural and common events that trigger entities and their parasitic attachment. . . . It is a fundamental book for those interested in the paranormal. It is clear, interesting, rich in cultural perspective, and written by someone involved but objective.”
Galina Pembroke, New View, May 2006

"This book helps you understand what entity possession is, the various forms it takes . . . [and] how you can release these entities."

New Living, October 2001

Table of Contents

1. The Facts
2. Finalizing the Picture
3. Taoist Perspectives on Entities
4. Fragments
5. Around the World
6. Entities, Pregnancy, and Gynecology
7. Giving Birth--The Critical Time
8. How Does One Catch an Entity?
9. Entities of Various Kinds
10. Entities and Past Lives
11. Cords
12. Missing Bits
13. Possession and Extraordinary Entities
14. Exploring an Entity
15. Clearing Entities