" In Hinduism, Manu is a title accorded
the progenitor of mankind, first king to
rule this earth, who saves mankind from
the universal flood. He is honest which is
why he is called "Satyavrata",
or oath of truth.

Mahabharata says: "And Manu was embued
with great wisdom and devoted to virtue.
And he became the progenitor of a line.
And in Manu's race have been born all
human beings, who have, therefore,
been called Manavas. And it is of Manu
that all men including Brahmanas,
Kshatriyas, and others have been descended,
and are, therefore, all called Manavas.
Subsequently, O monarch, the Brahmanas
became united with the Kshatriyas.
And those sons of Manu that were
Brahmanas devoted themselves to the
study of the Vedas. "The ten sons of Manu
are known as Vena, Dhrishnu, Narishyan,
 Nabhaga, Ikshvaku, Karusha, Saryati,
the eighth, a daughter named Ila,
Prishadhru the ninth, and Nabhagarishta,
the tenth. They all betook themselves to
the practices of Kshatriyas. Besides these,
Manu had fifty other sons on Earth.
But we heard that they all perished,
quarrelling with one another." ( Wikipedia )


Når vi skjønner hvor vi kommer fra
- vil vi lettere forstå hvor vi skal.


" Mu is the name of a hypothetical
continent that allegedly existed in
one of Earth's oceans, but disappeared
at the dawn of human history.

The concept and the name were proposed
by 19th century traveler and writer
Augustus Le Plongeon, who claimed
that several ancient civilizations, such as
 those of Egypt and Mesoamerica,
were created by refugees from Mu —
which he located in the Atlantic Ocean. 
This concept was popularized and
expanded by James Churchward
(1851–1936), who asserted that Mu
was once located in the Pacific.

The existence of Mu was disputed already
 in Le Plongeon's time. Today, scientists
dismiss the concept of Mu
(and of other lost continents like Lemuria)
as physically impossible, since a continent
cannot sink nor be destroyed by any
conceivable catastrophe, especially
not in the short period of time required
by this premise. Moreover, the weight of all archaeological, linguistic and genetic
evidence is contrary to the claim that
the ancient civilizations of the New and Old
Worlds have a common origin.
So, the very "facts" that the theory was
 conceived to explain are now seen to be
false. Mu is today considered to be a fiction,
and books on the subject are classified
as 'New Age' or 'Religion and Spirituality' "
( Wikipedia )